Higher Ground Consulting is in the business of integrity for projects involving earth, water, and the environment.


We help clients trust the integrity of their infrastructure through our comprehensive engineering and support services. Equally important, we protect the reputational integrity of our clients through a suite of environmental and regulatory services that ensure responsible development. Integrity, from site planning to reclamation, and all points in-between.

Our culture is based on a foundation of trust, a promise of excellence, and a commitment to do the right thing. Our firm is owned by managers active in the business. We are not influenced by short-term investor concerns, nor do we answer to a distant head office. This enables us to truly focus on our clients’ needs.


At Higher Ground Consulting (HGC), we believe in a fit-for-purpose project delivery model that suits our clients’ needs’. We have the ability to provide direct services, lead or sub into strategic partnerships for a turnkey solution, or integrate directly with your team. We have the systems, experience, and flexibility to meet your requirements, and we understand that an optimal delivery model changes from client to client, and from project to project. We seek to understand your challenges and constraints, and adopt our approach to meet your needs, and have the expertise to present a solution that gives you confidence and peace of mind.


Wes Ferris Civil Engineering Officer

Wes Ferris, P.Eng, PMP


Wesley Ferris has significant experience working as a construction manager, engineer and project manager in the oil and gas industry. Mr.Ferris holds university degrees in Civil Engineering and Sociology and is a member of the Project Management Institute. His diverse background and experience brings a greater understanding of all project components, and the leadership and coordination required for success. Mr. Ferris is the founder of Higher Ground Consulting.

Lee Martin Civil Engineer

Lee Martin, P.Eng.


Lee Martin is a Geotechnical Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the design and construction of civil and marine works throughout North and South America. He has been involved in the design and construction of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities, ports and marine terminals, highways, airports and rail facilities, dams and tailings facilities, oil and gas installations, plants and pipelines, as well as large commercial buildings, municipal facilities, and residential subdivisions.

Scott War Civil Engineering

Scott Wark, P.Eng.


Scott holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of New Brunswick. Mr. Wark has more than 12 years of professional experience with a strong background in project management and technical design for earthen and geosynthetic containment facilities (solid and liquid waste). His expertise includes evaluation and development of solid waste management facilities during the full project life-cycle.

Dave Berrade Civil Engineer

Dave Berrade, M.Dev.


David Berrade is a Social Impact Specialist with a Masters in Community Development and Decentralization. He has extensive experience in consultation (public and Indigenous) throughout Western Canada, leading multi-faceted consultation programs for small and large-scale projects. His experience includes environmental programs related to pre- disturbance assessments, conservation and reclamation plans, Environmental Site Assessments, linear disturbances and EPEA required monitoring (soils, wildlife, wetlands, vegetation, water). Mr. Berrade is a published author, a festival-selected film maker, and has been invited by the United Nations to speak on stakeholder engagement.

Trevor Klassen Civil Engineer

Trevor Klassen, P.Eng.


Trevor Klassen is a Civil/Structural Engineer with more than 24 years of experience in civil/structural engineering design and construction for a range of sectors including municipal development, bridges, transport infrastructure, industrial buildings and pipelines.  He has been involved in the design and construction of large commercial buildings, municipal facilities, residential subdivisions, highways, airports, as well as oil and gas, plants and pipelines. 

Matt Douglas Civil Engineering

Matt Douglas, P.Eng.


Matt Douglas is a Geotechnical Engineer that has more than  10 years of experience in exploration geology and geotechnical investigation with extensive work done across Alberta and northern British Columbia.  His experience has included geotechnical and geological borehole logging, sampling and characterization of hard rock and soils, site supervision and field program settlement analysis, slope stability, thermal modelling and general site interpretation and recommendations. 

Lande Edmiston Civil Engineering

Lande Edmiston, P.Tech. (Eng)


Lande Edmiston has extensive experience in dam and reservoir engineering, mining, facility site layout and design, including roads, drainage, lined pond design, GCL and HDPE liner applications, retaining walls and pipeline corridors utilizing 3D modelling with multiple software programs.  He is detail driven with outstanding communication and management skills and is proficient in inter discipline communication, earthworks calculations, plan and profile layout, and stormwater management.

Kevin Brugos Civil Designer

Kevin Brugos


Kevin Brugos has over 19 years of experience as a Civil Designer with a focus in earthworks design and survey including road and well pad design, petrochemical plant site design, site planning, layout and grading.  He is an experienced Lead Designer for deep underground utilities and has led a team of designers in large scale earthworks projects.