Higher Ground Consulting (HGC) is a full service EPCM company that specializes in civil projects with a dedicated team of trained and experienced professionals. The hands-on leadership team has spent their entire careers working in Western Canada. Our clients include Oil and Gas Producers, Midstream Companies, Service Companies, Industry Groups, Governments, and other Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM)Companies.

Reducing risk and increasing trust with earthworks, water, and waste infrastructure solutions

  • Governments are strengthening regulations and increasing their scrutiny of the management of water and waste.
  • Recent high profile infrastructure failures have raised public awareness, and have shown the enormous costs of project infrastructure that is not designed or managed properly.
  • New extraction technologies have increased the need for infrastructure to help manage water and waste in and around project sites.


Making Tomorrow Better Than Today.

Why HGC?

Accountability for Our Actions

  • SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS: Our practice is dedicated to delivering water and waste infrastructure solutions.
  • VERTICALLY INTEGRATED TEAMS: Our project teams are comprised of experienced professionals in the full range of disciplines needed to deliver complete solutions.
  • TRUSTWORTHY ADVICE: We are deeply familiar with Western Canadian regulations related to our work – some of the most robust requirements in the world. We have worked extensively to develop compliance strategies, and we have been consulted by regulators during their development process.
  • COMPLETE PROJECT ANALYSIS: Our experienced professionals evaluate design, construction, operation, and maintenance factors in all phases of a project. We are frequently engaged by clients to research and resolve the causes of failures in water and waste infrastructure projects we did not design.

Proficiency in Our Practice

  • CANDOUR: We are committed to open and honest communication, and have the courage to tell our clients what they need to hear. We have the experience to know what works, and what doesn’t work.
  • FIT-FOR-PURPOSE SOLUTIONS: We don’t have a one-size-fits-all mentality. Drawing on our broad base of experience, we tailor solutions for clients’ specific needs.
  • COST-CONSCIOUS APPROACH: We understand the tremendous pressure our clients are under to minimize costs. Our well-engineered solutions balance risk reduction with the desire for lower construction and operating costs.
  • NO “BUTTS IN SEATS”: We assign only the resources required for a project. We provide full transparency as to who is working on a project and what they are doing to drive its success.

Integrity in All We Do

  • EFFICIENT EXECUTION: We are sceptical of unnecessary bureaucracy and strive to apply only the right amount of process required to ensure the desired outcome for our clients.
  • RESPONSIVE AND AVAILABLE: We are available to clients whenever they need us – during all phases of the project, including construction. We have the technology infrastructure to enable our team to respond from virtually anywhere and at any time.
  • SCALABLE ENGAGEMENT: We excel at delivering complete solutions for small and medium sized projects. We can also adapt to be part of a larger project team when our expertise is just one piece of the puzzle.
  • CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY: We use the latest software and technology to get the job done with efficiency and precision.


Our culture is based on a foundation of trust, a promise of excellence, and a commitment to do the right thing.  Our firm is privately held in Western Canada.  We are not influenced by short-term investor concerns, nor do we answer to a distant head office.  This enables us to truly focus on our clients’ needs.


Delivering solutions to be proud of, by providing our people the freedom to do what’s right and challenging ourselves to do better.

Corporate Values

Respect for Everybody

  • We consider the impact of our actions at all times.
  • We do not ask others to do something we would not do ourselves.
  • We work without ego.

Accountability for Our Actions

  • We take commitments seriously and consider them carefully.
  • We are not afraid to admit our mistakes, and take responsibility for fixing them.
  • We don’t make excuses for our actions.

Proficiency in Our Practice

  • We strive for excellence and challenge mediocrity in ourselves and our environment.
  • We are committed to personal and professional growth.
  • We respect the limits of our expertise.

Integrity in All We Do

  • We do what is right for our clients and our people.
  • We do not compromise when it comes to our values.
  • Our values are more important than our bottom line.

Management Team

Wes Ferris

Wes Ferris

Scott Wark

Lee Martin

Lee Martin






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