Higher Ground Consulting (HGC) provides the complete range of geotechnical engineering services, from site investigation to laboratory testing to engineering design.

Site investigation

From pipelines to marine terminals, a successful project requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of the soil and rock conditions on which it is to be constructed. HGC has planned and executed site investigations in a variety of conditions cross Western Canada.

Slope stability

Slope stability engineering involves evaluating the stability of planned and in-situ slopes under both static conditions and with seismic induced loads, monitoring constructed slopes for signs of movement, and engineering remedial works for failing slopes. HGC’s experience includes intrusive slope investigations, instrument installation, monitoring, and the design of remedial options.


HGC has experience in the evaluation and design of potential trenchless crossings, intrusive site investigation and monitoring during the bore. We have worked on projects across Western Canada and the NWT, from pipelines as small as 4” gathering lines to 36” gas export pipelines.


The design and evaluation of water storage and tailings dams, and containment ponds requires close interaction between hydrotechnical and geotechnical engineers. As the Engineer of Record on over 30 regulated dams and more than a dozen Produced Water storage ponds in Western Canada, HGC can bring a wealth of practical experience to your fluid storage project.


Whether it be shallow pads or large diameter driven steel piles, selecting the optimal foundation for your project requires more than just knowing the site soil conditions and loads. It also requires a deeper understanding of the service expectations for the structure, the techniques available in the area, and what is practical for the conditions. HGC has practical experience with a wealth of foundation types and configuations, from micropiles to slabs on grade, on projects ranging from small utility outbuildings to massive LPG storage tanks.



Higher Ground Consulting provides a wide range of civil earthworks and infrastructure services, from site selection to engineering design, on-site construction QA/QC, and operational support and troubleshooting.


Your water management projects, from dams to ditches, are in excellent hands with our water resource engineers who will define, design and implement solutions for any situation.


Whether its wetlands, water, soil, wildlife, construction, operations, or end of life: HGC’s environmental team excels at meeting your regulatory needs.