Higher Ground Staff’s Published Papers

Performance Analysis of Engineered Liner Systems Used to Store Saline Fluids in the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry: Physical and Environmental Influences – By Richard MacDonald, P.Eng. and Wesley Ferris, P.Eng. – Engineered Liner System Paper

Geotechnical Design of a Tailings Storage Facility in Bolivia – By Lee Martin, P.Eng. – Principal Geotechnical EngineerAmayapampa Paper

The Evolution of Coal Mine Waste Management Practices in Western Canada – By Lee Martin, P.Eng. – Principal Geotechnical Engineer  – Coal Mine Waste Practice Paper


Implementation of the new BC Water Sustainability Act and BC Dam Safety Regulations – HGC Memo – HGC Dam Memo


Saudi oil filling a New Brunswick refinery – what kind of a domestic energy policy is that? – http://boereport.com/2016/01/25/saudi-oil-filling-a-new-brunswick-refinery-what-kind-of-an-energy-policy-is-that/

New Saskatchewan Government and the Ministry of Environment directives for Pipeline Crossings – Saskatchewan Pipeline Watercourse Crossing Standards

Which is scariest – clowns, pipelines or texting in motion? Our inability to judge risk. – http://boereport.com/2016/11/28/which-is-scariest-clowns-pipelines-or-texting-in-motion-our-inability-to-judge-risk/

Fracking Information

USGS Fracking Myths and Misconceptions – http://earthquake.usgs.gov/research/induced/myths.php

Geosynthetics Information

Layfield Geomembranes – https://www.layfieldgroup.com/Geosynthetics/Geomembranes.aspx

LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas

LNG in BC – http://engage.gov.bc.ca/lnginbc/

Professional Engineering Information

APEGBC has published professional practice guidelines for Site Characterization for Dam Foundations in BC – Dam Foundations in BC

Regulatory Information

Alberta Energy Regulator – https://www.aer.ca/

AER – Directive 51: Injection and Disposal Wells – http://www.aer.ca/documents/directives/Directive051.pdf

AER – New Oilfield Waste Management Facility Guidelines – http://aer.ca/applications-and-notices/application-process/new-oilfield-waste-management-facilities

BC Oil & Gas Commission – http://www.bcogc.ca/

BCOGC – Management of Saline Fluids for Hydraulic Fracturing Guidelines – http://www.bcogc.ca/node/12440/download

North Dakota Industrial Commission – http://www.nd.gov/ndic/