HGC provides a wide range of civil earthworks and infrastructure services, from site selection to engineering design, on-site CQA/QC, and through operational support and troubleshooting

Forest clearing and engineering site development


Too often a site is selected and plans progress to a point where little can be done to modify the site due to time constraints. The end result? Spending more capital on infrastructure and construction due to site constraints. To reduce capital spending and improve construction efficiency, HGC helps clients identify key infrastructure and mapping site constraints at the beginning of the project. This helps ensure you have enough space for a safe and functional development that meets expectations and allows for comfortable operation.


A proper grading plan that maximizes the efficiency of the site layout and cut/fill balance can not only reduce capital investments, it can reduce operational burden, increase safety, enhance environmental compliance, and make the day to day life for operators much easier. HGC has extensive experience supporting clients with site access and optimized cut/fill plans. With HGC’s drone and survey capability, we are frequently asked to help re-grade older sites that fall outside of current industry practice or environmental regulations.


Water security and access is of the utmost priority for our clients, and we take pride in helping them meet their targets. HGC has been supporting clients for years by designing river intakes, siting water reservoirs to capture overland flow, designing and constructing earthfill dams for large scale (500,000 m3+) fresh water retention, and lined saline water storage ponds to increase flowback recycling capabilities and reduce fresh water demand and use. We are currently the Engineer of Record on more than 30 regulated dams and have been involved with constructing more than 10 produced / saline lined water storage ponds in BC and Alberta since 2014.


Whether it be a road, earthen embankment, geosynthetic liner, or pile installation, HGC has spent years dedicated to materials testing and providing technical support to field operations throughout western Canada, ensuring projects are completed with success and to specification. Since HGC was formed in 2013, we have provided CQA/QC for more than 1,000,000 m3 of soil placement and inspected more than 2,000,000 m2 of various types of geosynthetic liner installations.




Whether its wetlands, water, soil, wildlife, construction, operations, or end of life: HGC’s environmental team excels at meeting your regulatory needs.


Our geotechnical engineers have worked around the world and have experience in any environment whether at the equator, the arctic, offshore or in the Prairies and provide a full suite of geotechnical engineering services.


Your water management projects, from dams to ditches, are in excellent hands with our water resource engineers who will define, design and implement solutions for any situation.