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Higher Ground Consulting’s team has extensive expertise in planning, designing, and building civil projects across Western Canada.

We provide practical expertise, grounded in experience. By focusing on the big picture and your long term goals, we include efficiency and value in our projects.

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HGC has extensive experience with the design, permitting, construction, operation, inspection, and maintenance of earthen storage dams. We are the Engineer of Record for over 30 regulated water storage dams in British Columbia and Alberta, and have unparalleled experience working with both the BC OGC and the AER. We are qualified to conduct Dam Safety Reviews, and have been involved in the assessment of over 100 dams and storage ponds to ensure compliance with changing regulations and industry standards.

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HGC is an industry leader in the design of geosynthetically lined containment ponds. We bring more expertise in this area than anyone in the Western Canadian upstream Oil and Gas Industry. We have designed and overseen the construction of over 20 lined saline water storage ponds in British Columbia since 2014, and contributed to the OGC’s Saline Fluid Management guidelines.

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The exploitation of shale oil, gas and liquids in the Western Canadian sedimentary basin requires large volumes of makeup water. HGC has worked with many of the companies active in the Montney on their water sourcing strategy, and has designed, permitted and overseen the construction of river intakes, temporary and permanent water pipelines, water hubs, C-ring storage pads and freshwater storage ponds.

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HGC has experience in the design, permitting, construction, and operation of industrial waste landfills. Our in-house project teams can address siting studies, geotechnical and hyrdrogeological investigations, landfill cell and cap design, leachate systems, overall infrastructure, and support with real-time waste volume surveys and annual reports.

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HGC has been involved in the design and construction of pipelines, roads and electrical transmission lines, including routing, geotechnical evaluations, crossing design, Pre-Disturbance Assessments, and community consultation.

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Whether building a new plant or adding onto an existing facility, the design and construction of industrial facilities and expansions requires significant input from geotechnical, civil engineering and environmental professionals. With experienced staff in all of these disciplines, HGC is well-suited to bring pragmatic, holistic solutions to the table for facility siting, grading design, permitting and ongoing operations.

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The growth of unconventional gas and liquids in Western Canada has led to an expansion of both marine and inland terminals to process, ship and export Liquid Petroleum Gas and Liquified Natural Gas. HGC has experience in the design and construction of LPG and LNG terminals on the BC coast, and our staff have extensive experience dealing with the site conditions, geohazards and relevant issues in Prince Rupert and Kitimat.